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Every person has the inherent ability to perform certain activities. At school, some are primes in mathematics, another in history. The same situation is in sports, the thrower probably won’t beat a record in ski jumping. A big part of these predispositions is genetically determined, and their cognition allows for prioritisation in science or the selection of practised sport in such a way that it is matched to the needs and abilities of our body.

Predyspozycje sportowe

Can I donate this study to someone?'

You can transfer/donate selected studies to another person. You just need to enter the box names for each of the selected products when completing your order after entering your shipping address. By giving different names of boxes (e.g. 1-my, 2-for-mum) You can create test kits for both yourself and the people you want to donate GeneMe study to.

It is also worth remembering that:

Each successive test within one SWAT (i.e. one box) is awarded for 50% of the price.
We send your entire order to one of the specified addresses to send the boxes in different places to separate orders.