Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the laboratory suspends the implementation of other tests (in terms of predisposition, intolerance and risk of disease) - until further notice.

About Geneme

Geneme Ltd. is a company dedicated to the exercise of genetic testing in its own laboratories with equipment for all the most popular techniques of molecular biology and genetic engineering. The whole process from the moment of acceptance of the sample to the laboratory through the test process, until the preparation of the report and the banking of DNA is performed directly by Geneme while maintaining all standards of working with materials Guidelines for good laboratory practice. This allows us to control the entire test process and, on the other hand, results in a competitive price for the performance of the service.

For genetic analyses, we use the real-time PCR method. It involves duplicating specific DNA sequences (fragments of test genes) and then using DNA probes to determine the genetic variant. This methodology allows us to quickly analyse the DNA sample. Each sequence is reproduced in a separate reaction, making it possible to create arbitrary genetic testing packages as well as continuously expanding the offer.